"For those that have not seen Bill's conversion in person it truly is a work of art.  The thing is a holeshot machine.  He actually pulled the first moto holeshot by a good distance with garagboy hot on his heels.  It's quite a feat to pull Mark out of the hole."...
Rick (aka "seadoo650") 3-year OTC MX'er

"Being on the line and racing against this machine, I can give my thoughts about it.  Upon the first gate drop, it took a MASSIVE holeshot.  Keep in mind, though, holeshots are a lot more rider than machine.  Regardless, there were two other 450cc 4 stroke trikes in this race."

All quotes used with permission.
Tim Keister (aka "atctim") of Tionesta Trikes. 


Those Who Have Ridden Against It
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