"I too threw a leg over this awesome machine.  I didn't do any serious duning with it just climbed a couple of hills and ran it wide open through a flat stretch, but I immediately fell in love.  Felt a little tall sitting on it at first but once you hop on and go, it is PERFECT.  Just everything about it is right: bar location, pegs.  It's almost like it just molds around you and fits like a glove."   
 J.D. Radford
All quotes used with permission.
"I rode the best trike in the world for probably a total of two hours.  The TPC trike is in my estimation the best trike in the world!!  I plan to build one -- there is absolutly no doubt in my mind on this.  It is the best build I have seen and the ride is priceless.  The thing has all the power you need on a trike and more than most would want.  I want one more than I can believe.  This is a proclomation: The TPC trike is the best trike in the world!!!"
Ted Krans (aka "wild200x") 
tpc_trikes_new028006.jpg tpc_trikes_new028005.jpg
"This thing is pissed off at the world!"
Todd Hartz (aka "trikenut3") 
"This is a trike that will make you wish you had one.  This baby is really choice. The 450 made my 350X feel like a 70 with burnt valves and a tweaked frame. That thing is smooooooth and freakin' scary fast."  
Chip (aka "ADW3")
"I rode it for 8  to 10 minutes and stared at it for hours. I would be glad to give my review here.  But first, my riding background.  I have been riding dunes since I was 12 or so.  I'm 31 now and have been on three wheelers since I was old enough to walk.  I've ridden on sand, snow, rivers, and rocks.   Ninety-five percent of my dunning was done on Little Sahara OK.  I have ridden a lot of machines throughout my lifetime including a lot of trikes.  My current ride is a YFZ.


My first impression was wow!  Itís clean.  Itís not cobbled together, and looks just like a factory machine right off the assembly line.  Growing up on Oklahoma Sand dunes, you see a lot of home-built, jerry-rigged machines.  Trust me, I have even built a few.  But Bill's bike is just awesome to look at.  It was done right, and thought out.  Nothing looks rushed, and nothing is out of place.


I rode the bike on the day the wind was blowing 40 mph with gusts to 50.  It was hard to find a place to catch some big air, even on my YFZ that I am used to launching over dunes and flying 60-80 feet.  So being unfamiliar with Billís bike, I didn't want to launch off a dune to have the wind catch me and risk tearing his machine up.


So I did some slow and high speed turns and power launches to see how it handled more than just open throttle rippin ass.  I don't think I ever got into 5th gear.  The first thing I told Bill was: itís hard to whip the back end around.  It wasn't the machine.  It was the knobby (front tire) he was running when I rode it with the addition of the comp cut sand skates.  I suggested changing it out to the mohawk and he promptly did.  Keep in mind now, I haven't ridden a trike in 2 years or so, and I was used to having 2 front sand tires.  The difficulty to whip the ass end around was not the machine's fault in anyway. It was a combination of knobby front and the rear hooking up really good.


Billís bike looks tall, looking at it, but once youíre on it, you feel very comfortable.  I'm 6' 3" and didn't feel too big or too small for the bike.  Itís very comparable to my YFZ.  The front end feels light but not out-of-control light feeling.  I'm a wheelie lover, and I loved how the bike responded when I would get on it.  The bike didn't feel top heavy, and I felt very comfortable and safe when I was riding it. The suspension is set up perfectly. When I was jumping with Bill (he was on his) and what little air we could catch when I went with him, we were going neck and neck.  The bike launches smooth and flies evenly.  Itís not front or rear heavy. Itís perfectly balanced.  The suspension felt like it was set up for duning, it was smooth and predictable.


Over all, between the ride and the fit and finish I would agree: this trike is perfect.  And, even though its hard for me to admit it because itís a Honda, itís the best trike ever built.


If I ever have the extra money, I would gladly have Bill build me one but using a Yamaha" 


Neil Olivier 


Easy to ride, comfortable and useable power thats pulls like a ^%$#@!
Tony Hobson (aka "aussieduner")
"The inverts on the 450R work terrific.  I think that is the best upgrade over all.  The power of the 450 is great of course but personally I don't need that much - but it's nice!  It's the front end that impressed me the most."
"...First getting on the 450 the seat height feels a little tall but that feeling soon goes away.  I do slide forward on my 350x a little as I am riding which cramps the space some, I didnít notice this at all with the 450."
Andrew Foxenberg (aka "thefox") -- One of the lucky few TPC test riders.
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WARNING!!! All ATVs, 3 or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.
Daryl Rath
The TPC 450 allows you to corner and slide better than an old 250R. I can count on it to provide a controllable and smooth ride.

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