Q. Why do you convert frames?


A. The first TPC prototype was based on a brand-new Honda TRX 450R.  We converted the existing frame as a base point to use in future designs.  Additionally, we realized that not everyone could afford, nor does everyone need a chromoly frame.  Therefore, it was decided that TPC would offer replicas of the original converted frame. This approach also allows budget-minded customers to salvage a TRX that has front end frame damage (a common occurrence among quads) and use the remainder of the chassis in their conversion project.  This is the same type of frame that Team TPC has been running successfully both recreationally and in extreme competition for well over a year.  Of course we also offer the option of a full chromoly frame for those customers who insist on having the best possible TPC available.


However, TPC’s founder Bill Casey says: "I'll continue to run the current and original frame for another year.  I've broken both my 250R and 350X frames before they were three months old and I bought them brand new.  I want people to see that my converted frames are strong and durable...what better way to prove it than by running it?"

















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