"Thanks Bill for the opportunity to race with team TPC.  Now that I have raced it I can say for sure that this 3 wheeler is the most incredible 3 wheeler I ever rode. 
I made enough mistakes from not being on one in 10 years that I really gave it a test.  It saved me every time.  From casing it to overjumping to underjumping, it performed great.  If I had been on my old 350X, there would not be much left of it to salvage, not to mention how bad I would have been hurt.
If it had been any bike other than the TPC I would have ate dirt every lap of practice.  It bailed me out of trouble more times than I could count.  After riding the TPC 450,  I would never want to go back to a 350X."
Check out Eric's YouTube video riding his old 350X
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WARNING!!! All ATVs, 3 or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.
The Honda ATC 250R has always been the benchmark for 3 wheelers.  Nothing has ever come
 close for power, handling and reliability … until now!


“When I was given the opportunity to ride the TPC 450 at the 2011 Imperial Invasion, I was very impressed with the power and handling in the dunes.  I didn’t want to get back on my R!”


“I wondered how it would do in the harshest terrain around -- the deserts of Baja.  The following weekend, Bill and I headed down to San Felipe, Mexico to pre-run the actual SCORE San Felipe 250 course.  I knew how fast a quad could go through the two to three foot whoops and jagged rocks but what about the TPC?  Well, after about five miles, I knew the score.  The TPC ate up the nastiest stuff in Baja and begged for more! It was so stable in every situation, I instantly fell into my normal “quad” race pace.  The TPC is light years ahead of the trickest 250R and handles better then most quads.  I can’t wait to get one of my own!”


Carmen Cafro

5 time Winner of the Baja 500

4 time Winner of the Baja 1000

2 time Winner of the San Felipe 250

1 time Winner of the  Parker 400



Read more about Carmen


We Invited former star racer Mike Coe (standing red shirt) to come out at Imperial Invasion to test ride the TPC 450. To our surprise fellow teammate Tommy Gaian (sitting on TPC) and Mike's brother, Legendary master trike builder, Sam Coe (sitting in background) came with him. After Mike's ride we asked him for his thoughts...
..."My honest opinion of your machine is, You have done a very admirable job of building a state of the art 3 wheeler. I think it's GREAT!  I wish we would have had much more time. The end product is very nice and you should be proud of the results. I hope you can sell em faster than you can build them!  Keep up the good work."

Mike Coe
 Jackie Meadows winner 3 wheeler Open Pro AMA Extreme Dirt Track National Pine Lake Raceway Ashtabula Ohio July 21-22  2012
Guys I can't say enough about all of u!!! My TPC was on rails due to Bill tweaking it, Kimmie and Josh wrenching putting my mind at ease knowing it's all safe!! He'll yeah my mechanics a girl and she ROCKS!!
And then Jesse's sick ass for building my rocket!!!! No way I could of lost this one!!! What a team! Thank you guys tremendously!! No way without any of u!! And also, thanks to my family for all the support!!
2 weeks after the race...
"I'm really having separation issues from this bike. It's my top two picks, either my Works 125 Kawi my manager James Degaine from Team Kawasaki and my Dad hand built for me!! But just like that bike, this is a bad ass one off bike! If I had the money I would buy it and let it sit in my garage indefinitely!!"
Daryl Rath - Bill thanks for a great trike!

Daryl Rath 2013 Ashtabula Open Class Champion

Eddie Sanders
TPC 363R - I love how this thing turns!

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