Testimonials - Tim Graham
WARNING!!! All ATVs, 3 or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.

There are several things I like aside from the new modern parts and aftermarket goodies you can buy. One being that it fits me well, and the position I like to ride. I would think the suspension would be a given for anyone. The shock and Lonestar link are awesome along with the front forks. I started out firm but as I have ridden it, I have softened the ride each time out, which made for more comfortable trail ride. It has very responsive steering and good high speed tracking. I love the power, smooth delivery, and fast revving. The mid-range punch and top end pull are like a 2 stroke powerband. I love 2 strokes, love 250Rs, my ATC 250R with a BDT 330 will not outrun my 450. Having electric start is nice, but I find myself forgetting to cut off the keylol. But most of all is how well thought out the design is, and the quality of the TPC provided parts. Im very pleased with the look and theme. I think the only thing I will or would do different is build another.

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