Testimonials - Fast Freddy
"Bill, you are the MAN!!!  This thing is crazy fast but all you have to do is turn the bars and it goes right where you want it to go.  Can't wait til Monday [Round 4 OTC MX series].  Thanks A LOT!"
Monday (Round 4 OTC MX Series, Smith Road Raceway, Ohio): Fred won BOTH motos giving him the overall win in the B class, his first time out on his new TPC 450R!!!!   Awesome job, Fred!
Memorial Day 2010 
After the race..."It is way more than I thought it could be -- handles great, killer take-off and the best part is: how well it turns (just point it and you're gone!)"
Freddy wins in Dominating Fashion Inaugural 3-Wheeler Race AIR MX Park, Arcade NY

October 2010
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"Fast" Freddy Morrell
For the first time two TPC's raced on July 4th during Round 5 of the OTC 3 wheeler series. Freddy came out on top and took the overall win ahead of teammate, 2nd place finisher Eric Jensen, thus ending Jensen's win streak at 3. That just shows the best way to beat a TPC 450, is with another TPC 450.
                                                                   July 4th 2010

Freddy wins both motos and the overall in the open class at the 4th Round of the CRA 3 Wheeler Championship series. Lighting Raceway
                                                                      July 2011

Freddy just before the start of the second moto at the annual Air MX. Fred dominated again for the second time in a row at this track, winning both motos and the overall.
                                                                   July 2011

Freddy once again wins both motos and the overall. Round 5 of the CRA 3 Wheeler Championship series. Lorraine County Fair.
                                                                          July 2011

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