WARNING!!! All ATVs, 3 or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.
Testimonials - Tom Hagler



"First off, THANK YOU!


HOLY SHIT, BILL........This thing gave me the same feeling as my first jump out of a C-130 at AIRBORNE school.....I think my asshole sucked my nuts up to my throat!  It is freaking awesome.

I LOVE IT!!!  Comparing this to my 350X, the difference is like comparing a 185 to a 250R.  I have been riding for 30+ years and this thing wants to rip my arms out of their sockets.  I love this wheeler.  It was a lot of money but I can't think of any other thing I would have rather spent a ton of money on.


Thanks a Ton, TPC!"





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