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I am really happy with the way the TPC has come together. It was a 2 year project from start to finish but well worth it. I had my first proper ride last weekend , two 30 mile loops on steep hill country.As soon as it was off the trailer there were questions from other riders, a lot of them 2 wheeler riders, who were impressed at the quality of the kit, many had never seen a trike before. Maybe you will get another order from "down under". The TPC is awesome, plenty of power, the suspension handled deep washouts and washboard rutted hill climbs with ease. It feels tall at first after a 250R, but doesn't take long to feel right at home on it. Can't wait for my next time out. Thanks Bill for a great kit, it goes together easily and the information on this forum is great for seeing how everyone else solved any questions they had. I hope to get over to the USA one day, love to see a whole start line of TPCs racing.
Testimonial - Chris Kershaw

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