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TPC 450X
TPC 450X

The TPC 450X is the same as the TPC 450ER except with our exclusive elliptical tubing that allows larger capacity fuel tanks for those long distance rides. Legendary ATV racer Jackie Meadows raced a TPC 450X at the 2012 AMA Ashtabula National taking the win with ease. TPC Founder would follow that with two Ashtabula wins and the 2013 NEEDT Champinship riding the TPC 450s and Daryl Rath would win the 2015 Ashtabula National on the same machine proving the TPC 450X is just as capable as racer as the 450R/ER. In fact, the TPC 450X has won at MX and FT. as well. Which just goes to show TPC 450X has the same attributes of the TPC 450R/ER with the added benefit of more fuel when needed.

For more information on our kits and full builds you can check out the 450ER page for all details.

Full Builds start at $12,500.00
Conversion kits start at $3,200.00

Please note that because of the manufacturing process, The TPC 450X frame does add $300.00 to the cost of our Kit.

TPC 450X conversion kit Includes

Triple Clamps,
Front Hub,
Front Axle,
Front Rotor Plate,
Water Pump Cover/Prop.

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