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TPC 250X
TPC 250X

Based on the highly successful TPC 450R, the TPC 250X is the little brother with the same race winning heritage. Unlike the 450R, the 250X is a complete ground up build (not a quad conversion). Starting with our own twin spar frame and utilizing Hondaís successful CRF 250X engine, with itís 5 speed wide ratio transmission and electric start, it is the perfect lightweight counterpart to the open class 450R. Featuring 12Ē of suspension travel and 12Ē of frame ground clearance, the TPC 250X has what it takes to handle and utilize the class leading suspension that your typical dirt bike conversion can not. Lighter than the ATC 250R and more powerful than a ATC 350X, the TPC 250X has it all in a smaller lighter chassis than itís bigger brother, the TPC 450R.

You can order a complete trike from us, or get our parts to build your own TPC 250X.

Starting price for full build is $12,500.00
Starting price for conversion kit is $4,500.00 ($4,600 with full pipe)

Full parts list required to build one from our kits.

TPC Parts:

Triple Clamps.
Front Hub.
Front Axle.
Front Rotor Plate.
Swingarm (please note TRX 450R will not work)
Axle (please note TRX 450R will not work)
Slip on or Full pipe


CRF 250X Parts (including all associated hardware)

Wire Harness
Fuel Tank/Shrouds
Front Brakes

TRX 450R, (including all associated hardware)

Subframe (will need mods for wire harness)
Air Box/boot
Rear Shock and linkage.
(Please note suspension travel is limited by what shock and linkage you use. All TPC's built by TPC come with Elka Long Travel Shocks)
Rear Brakes (can also use 300EX with caliper plate)
Rear Brake Master Cylinder and brake pedal.
Foot Pegs
Rear Fenders
Rear Hubs
Grab Bar

CRF 450X:

Shift Lever

TRX 300EX:

Rear Axle carrier.


Maier 86/87 200X front Fender (TPC Option)

ITP or DWT 2+3 4/144 front wheel

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