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The TPC BBR (Big Bore R) is the perfect chassis for the 250R engine with Big Bore Cylinders. For years the Honda 250R engine has had a variety of options when it comes to big bore cylinders. The problem has always been that while some fit inside the old ATC frame, many others did not as they were built more for the TRX Frame. Additionally, the old ATC chassis was not well suited to handle all the extra power these big cylinders could produce. From the small conventional forks to the old school backbone frame that flexed too much and often cracked, and just the general small size, the ATC chassis showed its limitations. TPC has the answer to these problems. Based off the legendary TPC 450R chassis, with its twin spar frame, massive inverted forks and proven geometry, the TPC BBR can handle all the two stroke power you dare to put in it, in a chassis that can be lighter than the old ATC 250R. TPC 363R as pictured above is 285 lbs. The TPC BBR along with the TPC 250X represents the next evolution in TCP Trikes utilizing our full-frame technology.

You can order a complete TPC BBR trike from us, or get our Kit to build your own TPC BBR.

Starting price for ready to ride TPC BBR.... $13,599.00

Starting price for basic frame kit is $3,699.00

Full parts list required to build one from our kits.

TPC BBR Basic Build Kit parts list:

Triple Clamps.
Front Hub.
Front Axle.
Front Rotor Plate.
Exhaust Pipe

TPC BBR Kit Options



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To complete your TPC BBR build, you will need to source select Honda CR 250, CRF 450, TRX 450 and ATC/TRX 250. Certain aftermarket parts are available through TPC Trikes. Please see options link above. TPC Trikes can also help you with other parts not listed on options page. For complete list of non TPC Trikes parts required please call us.