Darren Barnett - TPC 450ER
WARNING!!! Three wheelers are considered the world’s most dangerous vehicle. If for any reason you actually believe that crap then you should stick to four wheelers. After all, that is what they are made for: people who can't handle trikes. All ATVs, 3- or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.
Darren built this awesome Sand Duner from one of our kits. We saw this TPC 450ER at the 2011 Imperial Invasion ride and he had no competition.
How would you like to get sand blasted by those tires!!!
Darren also likes to race flat track. With a different swingarm, suspension settings, and tires he is good to go.

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