WARNING!!! Three wheelers are considered the world’s most dangerous vehicle. If for any reason you actually believe that crap then you should stick to four wheelers. After all, that is what they are made for: people who can't handle trikes. All ATVs, 3- or 4-wheeled, can be dangerous if used improperly or without proper instruction. All riders pictured on the website are expert or professional riders. Do not attempt anything beyond your own abilities. Please ride with all the appropriate safety riding gear. Respect the environment wherever you ride.
Testimonials - Dan Pariseau

Thank You Bill and Kimmie for an amazing trike! I LOVE IT and have zero complaints about it. This is the best F**king thing I've ever ridden. Handling is unspoken of, acceleration is unexplainable, looks...no words!!!! You want a tricycle, buy a 250R. You want a badass machine, buy a TPC. It takes an ass kicking more than anything you could ever buy...I know. You have a really great product. 
Thanks again!!!!!!

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